Tucker’s Barbeque was first and foremost started to educate anyone looking to get into smoking and barbecue, up their backyard grilling game, try new recipes, and those with the passion like mine to engage in respectful grilling/smoking dialogue.  

Barbecue is the proper spelling of the word, and barbeque is the name of my site. Why? Because barbecue was already taken, that’s why.

There are few things more contentious than “the right way” to smoke or barbecue; like fat cap up or down, salt in the rub or not, wrap or naked, etc…  I’d like this to be a place where fellow backyard warriors (and professionals!) can share and learn.

Tools and Reviews

Secondly, like a driver with their car or the marksman with their gun, the equipment and tools used can make or break that beautiful piece of meat you just cooked for 12+ hours. Those that have researched “grill brush”, “grill cleaner”, or even “the best smoking thermometer” will know that there are hundreds of options out there at all different price ranges. As this website evolves and grows; I hope to narrow that research window down and be your trusted one stop shop for research. 

For manufacturers/vendors:  I will not be bought into a positive review.  The integrity of this site is paramount.  If you think your product is the bees knees and wish to prove it; it will need to stand on its own merit.

How I Make Money

What you won’t find here that you see other places are ads and banners lining the side and bottom and everywhere in between. I abhor ads so much that I will sacrifice the income they could provide in order to give the reader less eye sores. It’s about the education, not the revenue.

In full transparency, I am hoping to make a little side money.  All the information on this website is FREE for you; I firmly believe knowledge should be free.  If you REALLY LIKE the content and want to show it, I selfishly accept donations as well.  

Welcome to Tucker’s Barbeque!  I know we don’t look like much now; I hope to see you around as we grow. Check back soon!

Happy Q’ing!