My REC TEC Grill is coming and this is my first post!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can not begin to describe how excited I am.  Tomorrow is June 22nd, 2020 and my new grill is coming.

But Tucker, it’s just a grill. No, it is not just a grill.  It is what I call a “first”, and should be celebrated. What is it a first of?

It is my first Pellet Grill/Smoker

I’ve owned many grills. Webers, The Home Depot special sale gas, CharBroil infrared, Smokey Mountain, etc.  I learned on charcoal then “graduated” to gas.  There is a level of taste, expertise, and pride that goes into the charcoal.  There is also the ease of gas which is also quite tasty if you can master her nuances.  I admit, never had the opportunity to learn wood smoking, but if you guys stick with me, we’ll explore the whole thing.  (That’s right. Pun)

But a pellet smoker… we aren’t going to call it graduating, are we?  I mean, what kind of lazy sack are you that you have the nerve to say the set and forget it grill that requires no skill is graduating?!  Where is the pride that is built from managing those vents for 12+ hours after having to endure the blistering sun and maybe the hangover for getting drunk and sobering back up before even getting through the stall?

Yes friends, I am moving onto the pellet smoker.  I’ve mastered the charcoal, and I’ve mastered the gas.  To be the best Q’er (and ultimately competition one day I hope maybe sure) I wish to understand all ways of making meat taste amazing, and master those.  I’d like to tackle issues like the higher temp/lower smoke issue, the lack of smokey flavor complaint, pellet types/potency, etc.  I don’t believe it’s lazy; it’s a new set of challenges… (okay it’s a little lazy)

It is my first grill >$250 (by a lot)

So for most of my life, I’ve been a strong member of the bargain hunter tribe.  However, about four years ago, I was gifted something of quality to replace something I was replacing every year. 

Whoa.  Life changing.  Not only do I take care of it, but I don’t see this thing needing to be replaced in years…  Why did I never go this route?  Well, it was twice the price.  I have now learned the difference between cheap and frugal.  I am no longer a member of the cheap team; I’m a frugal son of a bitch. (sorry mom) 

It is my first post in my effort to create a brand that will be “where you go” to learn about Barbecue/Grilling/Meats.

This is really what it’s about…  My first post and first step on a new adventure!  This piece of equipment is going to be the website’s star employee for a while.  This guy will help me develop recipes that make your mouth water for more, prove/disprove grilling myths forever like ending the backyard debate of fat cap up or down (it’s a lofty goal), and hopefully pave the way for me to learn and try other larger equipment to help you weed through the plethora of grills out there and find the one right for you.

So head on over to the articles where I start with the basics! Feel free to send me message or comment below.

Happy Q’ing!

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