First and foremost, our goal is to educate and we will not deviate from that mission.  All information and the fruits of our labor on this website are absolutely free! If this website does not provide you value for free, we have failed in our mission. 

To be 100% transparent:  Maintaining websites, buying meat and spices for R&D recipes and technique testing, and purchasing (sometimes gifted) equipment to review costs money.  Free websites do not pay the bills…

That is why you will see links throughout the website.  These are maintained to put you in touch with a product/service.  If you use the link and subsequently purchase, Tucker’s Barbecue makes a small commission.

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What kind of places are your links going to send me?

We do not link you to sketchy places… promise!  It does us absolutely no good to send people where we wouldn’t go ourselves.  We want you to keep coming back! 

Some of the places we currently link to:
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If someone is paying you to write an article, how can we trust you?

Nobody is paying us to write an advertisement, which is different than an article!  Occasionally a company will compensate us for our time and effort in exchange for a review.  We will NOT accept money in return for a favorable review.  The trust and integrity of this website is paramount.  The moment that trust is broken Tucker’s Barbecue will fail in its mission! We expect most can sniff out a shoddy-crap-tastic review causing you to go elsewhere ultimately dooming us to a lonely internet existence.  Why risk it when all we have to do is be honest? 

I still don’t trust your links. You might steal my information!

No problem.  Our passion is to spread knowledge and help people grow.  If you can walk away from here a little bit smarter, I’m happy.  I hope you come back though! 

Happy Q’ing!